What Our Clients Say

Most of my work comes from personal recommendations which is wonderful. Just a selection to show the range of the types of things I can help you with is below;

Visited Helen for help with my life long nail biting habit. Over the years I’ve tried numerous times to stop and failed each and every time. I went to 2 sessions with Helen and she is amazing. She has a way of making you feel so relaxed when in her company. I kicked the habit and something I was so conscious about i know don’t give a second thought.

I have and will continue to highly recommend Helen. Thank you again.

I would highly recommend Helen, she is an excellent hypnotherapist. She helped me in only 2 sessions with a habit that I've had for 20 years! She has a lovely room she has built at the back of her house which is very quiet and private. Helen is also very friendly and easy to talk to and goes above and beyond to ensure she helps you.
Highly recommend Helen she’s such a lovely person and amazing at what she does. I been a through a difficult pregnancy and Helen put me at great rest and stress free for my babies labour. I feel ready and relaxed and she’s given me great advice and tips for my birthing experience. Very special lady.

I can’t believe how wonderful an experience it was to be hypnotised by Helen. I’d been experiencing acute stress triggered by a particular person. Helen somehow enabled me to manage the uncomfortable feelings that I had and she’s enabled me to feel calm and strong. Every step was taken at my pace and I felt so at ease in Helens presence. In just one session Helen has made me I feel so much better. This actually works and I’m coming back for more!

I can’t recommend this kind and gentle lady enough. Thank you so much Helen.

I visited Helen for 7 hypnotherapy sessions around weight management. Helen was professional, caring and worked with me to create the right sessions for me. Helen worked really well with me and took on board everything I said and she worked it into each of my sessions. All with the aim to get the best results for me. Helen is truly genuine and wants to see her clients benefit from hypnotherapy.

After just a couple sessions I experienced great weight loss and it has provided me with incredible life long tools to manage my weight which will help me in long term, not just short. it has completely changed my outlook on my relationship with food.

The most wonderful and supportive teacher my partner, my baby and I could have wished for, thank you Helen!
Found hyno birthing with Helen fantastic and will recommend her to every pregnant lady.
Helen has a beautiful voice for hypnotherapy, she helped me greatly with getting the grips of family connections! I would recommend Helen to anyone who needs help, she is a wonderful listener!
Helen has been our absolute life saver, my 8-year-old son has not slept the night through in years and Helen has worked her magic and we now have a little boy that sleeps through the night. Absolutely amazing. Thank you!

OMG Helen is a genius. I couldnt have done it without her. she works magic!! I had the most positive experience during labour and delivery after Helen taught me how to breathe through the surges and manage the what I was feeling. Going to see Helen in the lead up to having my babies was such a treat, she reassured and prepared me for something I was completely dreading but I look back on it all now wishing I could do it all again.

Even if just to have the chilled out time with helen in her sessions!! Helen you are AMAZING!! XX

I was long overdue for a smear test and having had a very, very unpleasant experience on a previous occasion, I became on the verge of hysterical every time I even tried to book an appointment, never mind actually attend! My anxiety was not helped by a rather proscriptive healthcare system that didn't take into account past experiences and genuine, relentless fear.

I was lucky to have heard about Helen when I worked Ryedale area and as I knew the smear test is important, I made a series of appointments with Helen to help me get over the fear.

Helen is a very approachable person who immediately put me at ease. Unpicking the history behind my resistance was in-depth however Helen gave me a number of ways I could 'conquer' the fear of the smear.

I have now had a smear test and I have to thank Helen for getting me to a stage where I could proceed with this hugely important procedure.

Thank you so so much with your help with P. As you know when she first came to see you, she was struggling badly with anxiety and panic which was significantly limiting her life as she couldn’t go on public transport, or out on her own. She is now  a confident happy young woman with a job and a full life and is looking forward to the future. Thank you so much!

I couldn’t believe I’d done it and still can’t!! Hypnobirthing transformed birth for me. It was an empowering wonderful experience which is the complete opposite from my first birth. I kept my breathing on track throughout which the midwife was impressed with and meant baby’s heartbeat stayed the same though birth. I never got the water birth I had wanted but it didn’t matter.

Thank you so much for helping me achieve the birth I hoped for. It was a lovely empowering experience from our sessions to the moment I birthed my daughter. I wish I could do it all again!

Just wanted to let you know that (son) got his results last night and he got a distinction for his exam! We are all so happy! He was confident going into the exam and felt good about it afterwards so we did think he would pass - but the level was a huge bonus. Thank you so much for the strategies you gave him!

I learnt so much from Helen's Hypnobirthing course and put my amazing labour entirely down to the sessions which allowed me to feel prepared, relaxed and actually enjoy the whole experience of giving birth!

I'm so thankful for Helen's support and the Hypnobirthing techniques which enabled me to have a drug free birth and the most alert, happy little bundle at the end of it. 

❤️❤️ Thank you so much Helen! Xxx

A non smoker now for two years thanks to the Hypnotherapy you did. Job done! Thanks.

(Daughter) is now able to have injections now easily and calmly thanks to the Hypnotherapy she had with you. When I think of how she was previously the difference is amazing….

Thanks for making her feel listened to and giving her the confidence she needed to do this. We can’t thank you enough.

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