When you and I first talk, whether it over messenger, phone, or email, I will be already assessing how to best help you. As well as a trained and experienced Hypnotherapist, I also offer and regularly use some other powerful techniques and approaches which you may or may not be aware of. Many potential clients are curious to find out a bit more so here is just a brief overview of each with sources to find out a little more if you want to;

Hypnotherapy - a deeply relaxing state which feels simiilar to just before you go to sleep at night. Often called 'trance', it is an incredibly powerful state which allows us much freer access to our subconsious minds, where, with your consent together we will make the changes you desire. You can find out more about Hypnotherapy here:

BLAST - a powerful eye moment bilateral stimulation technique (very similar to EMDR) that can be carried out 'content free' (which means that you don't need to talk about the problem/issue). This can be very helpful in dissolving any kinnd of trauma or phobia. More information can be found here; 

Hypnobirthing - offering a full, part or refresher version of this classic course for partners to be which over the last dozen years has changed so many womens' experience of labour and birth. You can enjoy learning the many, proven techniques including powerful discomfort relief Hypnosis, how the body works during labour and birth and so much more. Ask me now for your free e-book which tells you more and is packed full of local womens' inspiring Hypnobirthing stories.

Reiki - a gentle relaxing energy healing experience to relax and soothe and provide you with whatever you need a that precise moment. Whether it is a physical discomfort or an emotional one, Reiki seems to work its own kind of magic in providing you with exactly what your body and mind need most. You will lie fully clothed on a massage table and enjoy this deep relaxing experience. It is sometimes combined with Hypnotherapy for an even more immersive experience for the client.

Below are just some of the issues that I can help you with. Please message me if you have a question as there is always a first time for me in helping someone.

The most wonderful and supportive teacher my partner, my baby and I could have wished for, thank you Helen!

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Anxiety and Stress

One of the most common reasons people visit me for. Experiencing excessive stress or anxiety can be such a hard and difficult place to be, especially when work/children/both demands are unrelentless around you. Talking to someone caring and experienced is often the first step to taking back control. There are a whole wealth of tips and techniques I can share with you to help you and that is before we even get to the main event; Hypnotherapy. This is such an immersive and relaxing experience on mind, body and soul. In Hypnosis we will do the change work to enable you to find and maintain your sense of calm and control. Please also see ‘What Clients Say’.


Fertility issues can be a very sensitive and enormously distressing problem for some couples, negatively impacting their lives and wellbeing. In the absence of any physical problems*, the relaxation and wellbehing elements of Hypnosis together with regular guided visualisation can often be the missing piece of the puzzle. Please also see ‘What Clients Say’.

Preparing for Birth

Or by its ‘classic’ name Hypnobirthing. Taking some Hypnobirthing classes with your Partner if you have one or on your own is truly one of the best things you can do for yourself to prepare fully for this incredible journey to parenthood. You will learn how to take yourself into a light Hypnotic trance whenever you need to, strong discomfort control techniques, how to work with your body and your baby to maximise the most positive birth experience for you all. Full courses, Condensed Refresher and ‘Last Minute!’ all available Please also see ‘What Clients Say’.

Sleep Issues

If you are unlucky enough to be experiencing the ‘hell’ that is not sleeping sufficiently for any period of time, you will know that it impacts on every area of your life. Interesting Hypnosis means ‘sleep’ so it makes sense that just a few sessions of Hypnosis if often all you need to get yourself back in the good habit of sleeping. You’ll have the added benefit of having learned how to deeply relax your body automatically before sleep too. I can and have helped clients in the past with snoring, teeth grinding and getting used to sleep apnoea. Please also see ‘What Clients Say’.

Phobias/Extreme Fears

Where does an extreme fear end and a phobia begin? Actually it doesn’t really matter as the impact on the person experiencing the feelings probably doesn’t care about the definitions, just the strong negative impact on their life. I have helped people overcome such phobia/fears as fear of spiders, flying, driving and medical procedures such as injections and smear tests. If you would to overcome your fear, please do get in touch. You really can, in the majority of cases put this behind you. Please also see ‘What Clients Say’.

Children and Teenage Issues

As all parents know, the problems and issues children go through can impact on the wider family to a greater or lesser extent. The good news is children and teenagers tend to respond to Hypnotherapy and the other techniques I use very swiftly and permanently. I have helped under 18s from the age of 6 with issues like bed wetting, sleep, anger, anxiety, food issues and more. As a parent of a pre teen and a teenager myself I really do understand and do my utmost to help, treating your child with the individual care and attention you would rightly expect. Please also see ‘What Clients Say’.

Unwanted Habits

My take on habits is we all usually have ‘healthy’ habits like brushing our teeth, combing our hair, exercising, saving for example. Then many of us may have a habit or two that is getting in the way of our enjoyment of life. Whether that is smoking, drinking too much, snacking, nail biting, gambling it doesn’t really matter. Hypnotherapy can help you make a positive switch changing those old neural pathways to new more supportive ones more swiftly than you could have imagined. Please also see ‘What Clients Say’.

General Wellbeing/The Ultimate Hypnotic Spa

When a previous client exclaimed after her first experience of Hypnosis ‘I feel like I have been at a luxury spa for the weekend!’ it prompted me to develop just such an experience. Many clients like to come and and experience this the way others may regularly go for a massage or a facial to totally switch off for a while. A popular place to visit in Hypnosis is the ‘Ultimate Hypnotic Spa’ leaving you feeling just as my lovely client did. Please also see ‘What Clients Say’.

Driving Test / Exams

The importance of an exam or driving test of course requires some anticipation or ‘nerves’ in order to make sure we do our best. Sometimes the nerves can get out of hand and detrimentally impact a child (or adult’s) anticipation or performance. Hypnotherapy can really help with this issue by teaching the person to get into and remain in a calm yet resourceful state of mind and able to perform at their best. Please also see ‘What Clients Say’.

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